The structure of the sitting room to absorb dome light and installation techniques

by:Rongde     2020-09-12
All copper dome light structure:

total copper dome light is mainly composed of hangs Taiwan, in particular, the bottom of the glass cover, a bowl, midea, lamp cup, etc. Before installation please control installation manual check whether all copper dome light fittings is complete, and then to install.

all copper dome light installation techniques:

installing a full copper dome light, pay attention to put the bulb light bulb unreliable cover too close to the glass edge, at least in the more than 2 cm, to avoid dark areas, etc.

the first step: will the copper dome light hangs Taiwan fixed on the ceiling. If your smallpox is cement with expanding the self-contained silk, if it is wooden structure of the self-contained silk smallpox please use wood, if smallpox is not fixed the self-contained silk material such as gypsum board, please contact your teacher decorate in smallpox in advance into the wood square to fixed copper dome light.

step 2: wiring, wiring, please pay attention to the joint must be important, or it will happen to touch line, poor contact, such as fault, broken line after mother with electrical tape or connection closed joint

the third step: lock the whole copper dome light shade, hanging lamp, please pay attention to the don't put the lamp body torsion deformation.

step 4: install light bulb try. If the lamp body is not bright, please check whether the power is normal, the wire is wrong. If individual light bulb not bright, please check if the light bulb has a problem, if the bulb is no problem, please cut off the power supply after the light bulb, with the self-contained silk gently to the reed pick up inside the lamp holder, knife until it is light. If this method is still not bright lights, please contact us, we will solve for you as soon as possible.

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