The sitting room is full of copper dome light of eternal youth three big trick

by:Rongde     2020-09-01
When it comes to the living room lights, people naturally think of the whole copper chandelier, in fact, some people will be installed in the sitting room all copper absorb dome light, full copper dome light modelling is simple and easy also is one of the sitting room with a lot of people are in favor of light, many people only know the copper dome light is easy to clean but I do not know how to maintain at ordinary times, today small make up secretly tell you about the sitting room the three copper dome light of eternal youth.

a: trick
installation of the sitting room all copper dome light, want to consider the ceiling is in the home, if it is made of stone and brick ceiling, should use the embedded bolt, or by expansion bolt, nylon, plastic seal, such as fixed, cannot use wooden wedge. Remember, don't too much on the lamps and lanterns hanging ornaments, at ordinary times or more than carrying capacity makes the first heavy instability of lamps and lanterns, can fall down and hurt.

trick 2:
pay attention to the indoor temperature, especially the copper crystal absorb dome light, often prescribed for a particular environment temperature, the temperature too high or too low will affect the service life of it, so to keep the temperature is appropriate.

trick three:
at ordinary times should be regularly check the lamps and lanterns, if light foot appear poor contact or a loose parts, etc. , should be timely please installation of specialized teacher to installation and adjustment.

, attentively complete lamp!
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