The sitting room glass dome light how to choose and buy? Action for you!

by:Rongde     2020-09-16
Glass dome light design is simple and easy, get the favour of many people, but different household environment, the choose and buy of different skills. The sitting room glass dome light should be how to choose and buy? Don't try so hard, the action for you!

a, pay attention to collocation
in choosing a sitting room be sure to pay attention to when the glass dome light its appearance modelling and whether the light color and the whole sitting room adornment is tie-in, if sitting room area is larger should choose to absorb dome light, lamp holder more glass if sitting room area is smaller then should choose fewer Numbers, but to be sure: make sure the sitting room the light is enough, meet the demand of basic lighting.

2, pay attention to safety glass dome light sitting room during the installation process is through the screw to install the connection, so the installation quality of lamps and lanterns is very important, if the installation is not stable, so off the lamps and lanterns is likely to happen, so when choosing the sitting room glass dome light to choose brand manufacturers purchase, generally its installation technology better, in addition, some heavy glass dome light, be sure to ask its to add keel when buy condole supports installation, to ensure stable and safe.

3, space principle because the sitting room glass dome light is to install suction a top, so also more save a space, relative to the big droplight sitting room is very save space, and also does not have the too big on indoor floors, like a layer of degrees is not too much space, if the installation droplight can appear to be depressed, and choose sitting room glass dome light installation is no problem, so when choosing the sitting room glass dome light, basic don't need to consider the height space performance, only need to consider the lighting space size and absorb dome light power of coordination.

, attentively complete lamp!
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