The sitting room droplight basic knowledge of choose and buy

by:Rongde     2020-09-04
The sitting room is all communication entertainment places, of the sitting room decorate also is very important, take the sitting room the choose and buy of droplight, for instance, droplight sitting room is can casually choose collocation of choose and buy. Of sitting room droplight of choose and buy skills do you know?

a, collocation style in both Chinese style, modern, European, American, style to decorate, must choose droplight style collocation of the sitting room, such as to style not take will appear very abrupt.

2, room height
average sitting room is less than 3 meters high, is not recommended droplight, recommend choose to absorb dome light or droplight of half.

3, the size of the sitting room chandelier
choose droplight of the sitting room area is not greater than 3% of the area of the room, if too much lamps and lanterns diameter can reduce adornment effect.

4, lamps and lanterns quality must consider before choose droplight sitting room sitting room condole top, heavy and then choose the lamps and lanterns of within the scope of the ceiling to bear weight.

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