The sitting room chandeliers in the four big misunderstanding of choose and buy

by:Rongde     2020-09-08
We in decorating, often it is easy to fall into some family myth of lamps and lanterns of choose and buy. So what's the myth droplight of choose and buy the sitting room? Along with the below small make up together and see it!
droplight myth of choose and buy a sitting room: overall light too bright.
a lot of people in order to reveal the luxury of the sitting room, in addition to install some shoot the light, tube light, also can choose droplight of some of the large size of the sitting room, always trying to install high wattage of the light source inside the droplight, afraid of not enough bright, actually such lighting the lack of scientific, not only a waste of resources, will be to eyeball caused great stimulation, easy cause mood be agitated.

droplight myth of choose and buy 2: sitting room contrast is too strong.
we all know that indoor light should try to keep soft and smooth, no glare and shadows. Some people in some space to create special effects, when selecting a sitting room lamps use the lamps and lanterns of opaque lamp shade, cause indoor light and shade, when the line of sight of people from the Ming area to dark zone, eyes have to adapt to a period of time to see objects, and easy to cause visual fatigue.

the sitting room chandelier myth 3: the choose and buy the light colors.
when some families choose droplight sitting room, luxurious to pursue and create atmosphere. Often ignore the daylighting of the reasonable needs, design the lights into colorful, lead to light color, not only damage eyesight, also interferes with the brain central nervous functions.

the sitting room chandelier myth of choose and buy four: the total will be adjustable brightness of the light source to the maximum.
because according to demand the bright and dim, adjustable light attract a lot of people nowadays. A lot of family habits pendent lamp brightness to the sitting room is the largest, this not only greatly shorten the service life of the light source, also is adverse to human body health. The brightness of the light source the best adjustable control in 60% Don't more than 90% 80%, the maximum brightness.

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