The sitting room all copper lamp options and put what skills?

by:Rongde     2020-08-30
The sitting room is a very important place, house it is for your entertainment, rest place, so the choice of sitting room full of copper lamp and put must not arbitrarily, so sitting room full of copper lamp choose and put the hell and skills?

according to feng shui, the sitting room to Yang, so all the copper chandelier is sufficiently high, sitting room is bright enough to make the light spread in the whole sitting room, if the light source is more, should try to use the same elements in the whole copper lamp to keep the overall style of coordinated. If the sitting room with larger area lighting can be used to tackle the region partition, table use warm color meals chandeliers to create a warm dining atmosphere, next to the sofa can let a floor lamp dimming type full copper, display rack can be installed several small copper wall lamp. Porch GuoLang can install small full copper wall lamp, full copper small droplight. If do condole top, can according to the style of the ceiling installation of some copper dome light to solve the problem of bad lighting.

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