The secret of toilet whole copper lamp maintenance

by:Rongde     2020-09-25
Many overall decoration of purchase copper lamp is a complete set of all customers, advocate the lamp, and auxiliary lights are copper lamp, some customers also choose lamps and lanterns of toilet whole copper lamp, so the whole copper lamp of toilet, we should be how to maintain, to tell you all toilet copper lamp maintenance.

a, toilet all copper lamp had better not water cleaning, can touch water to wipe with dry dishcloth, if accidentally run into water to dry; Avoid by all means at the time of, or just turn off the light when you turn on the light with a wet cloth to wipe the light bulb, because when you turn on the light bulb outer wall temperature is high, meet water easy to burst. In the toilet, bathroom moistureproof lamp had better install the chimney, otherwise will shorten the service life.

2, when clean all metal lamp, the chimney of cloth don't flush, and application of dry cleaner to clean up, if the glass material, available water, light frame as long as can wipe with a cloth.

3, use vinegar to clean toilet all copper lamp is a good choice. Will be about a beer bottle of vinegar in a half pot of water, mix well after the dishcloth bubble in water, vinegar after twist dry cloth can be used to clean up the dust on the lamps and lanterns. Because vinegar have clean and prevent electrostatic effect, use the lamps and lanterns of vinegar is wiped so not only bright and dustproof function.

4, clean the lamp body, should be gently with a soft dry cloth to wipe, should maintain a top-down, don't rub back and forth. Clean all copper lamp shade, appropriate USES clean clean sweep lightly, lest besmirch chimney or cause deformation.

5, should be paid attention to when cleaning maintenance don't change the structure of the lamps and lanterns, also don't replace the parts of lamps and lanterns, at the end of the cleaning maintenance, should according to the same install lamps and lanterns is good, don't packing, wrong parts of lamps and lanterns.

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