The secret of solder glass lamp have?

by:Rongde     2020-09-13
Glass is one of the most important material solder glass lamps, glass style is different, different processing technology and so on are directly affect the solder glass lamp appearance important factors. In order to facilitate you better understand solder glass lamp. We according to different classification of solder glass lamp glass has carried on the classification, in order to give you a more profound.

depending on the glass, solder glass lamp glass is mainly the following:

1) Clear light of float glass, also known as glass, generally can be divided into two kinds of 3 mm and 5 mm, this kind of glass in glass lamps and lanterns of the most widely used.

2) The interior of the bubble glass, glass with uneven distribution of small bubbles.

3) The appearance of glass: also called frosted glass, glass surface of the ice pattern designs.

4) The water lines glass, glass surface water patterns decorative pattern.

5) Diamond glass, glass surface is uneven.

treatment process according to glass, solder glass lamp glass mainly has the following kinds:

1) Glass: spelling a flower is made up of many pieces of glass after serging solder.

2) A glass: the frosted glass surface do special handling, like fog.

3) Single curved glass, glass after bending process, make single curved shape.

4) Double bend glass, glass after bending process, make double curved shape.

5) Screen printing glass: like silk patterns are printed on the glass.

6) Cut glass, glass carved like 'm' word of the decorative pattern.

7) Hand paint the clouds glass ( Hand paint since doing) 。

, attentively complete lamp!
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