The secret of Europe type droplight hood collocation

by:Rongde     2020-09-22
Europe type droplight style is various, chimney is different, the kinds of different materials of Europe type droplight chimney bring different adornment effect, different shapes and styles of Europe type droplight lampshade can produce different effect and beautiful, cloth art chimney is concise and elegant impression to the person, the outside its adjust light brightness, satisfy the need of production or operation, and can protect your eyes. Can also improve the overall beauty of lamps and lanterns and ornamental. Want to replace new chimney don't buy the chimney, same as before to try some other styles, you can find the indoor changed a lot.

1, shape: the shape of a chimney should be consistent and the outline of Europe type droplight, such as lamp holder have a curve, the chimney also should choose to have curve; The chimney of the choice of the straight lamp holder is flat; Chassis heavy lamp with a conical lampshade can make it looks more less.

2, material: silk lampshades used in formal room or bedroom, linen, a parchment and textured chimney is suitable for use in the family room or small room, handmade or hand-painted chimney can increase intimacy and softness for the room.

3, color: white chimney light penetrability is better, can match and crystal base, build glittering and translucent get rid of effect; Black and color of the light penetrability is relatively worse, will light radiation down, makes the light of local strong, can and the bronze lamp body is tie-in.

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