The restaurant and bar using appropriate droplight, can build more exotic atmosphere

by:Rongde     2020-08-26
Insipid life need some romance to warming attunements, leisure time, in the corner of the bar to enjoy the enjoyment of a person, two people's sweet, a group of people to talk, so the taste of happiness is self-evident. Bar the style of droplight directly affects the characteristics of the style of whole restaurant droplight is remarkable, therefore the style of droplight directly affect the style of whole sitting room. With metal decoration, glass decoration, the droplight of Europe land amorous feelings of grandeur wooden Chinese palace lantern type lamps and lanterns is rich ethnic flavor, with Japan in a different color the glass in the synthesis of droplight is beautiful and easy, bead curtain lamps and lanterns give a person the sense with excitement, dazzling, magnificent, and to float soft cloth, made from silk chimney droplight soft beautiful pleasant warmth. If the area is lesser, again not suits to choose the open kitchen, are recommended to choose a few good table, deep atmosphere will be good. Of course, if the area is enough, purely for the pursuit of beauty, open bar design is also have emotional appeal, wine cabinet can be put through behind the bar and so on way to complete the whole design. In addition, the bar must be combined with droplight, otherwise, to atmosphere. Can choose according to the overall room decorate a style, a little soft slant warm color light, so compared with food. Restaurant if choose droplight of background light, then according to the height of the room, the height of the table, restaurant to determine the size of the chandelier hanging high. Most of the chandelier hanging wire is fixed, can adjust good length before installation, general droplight should with table located about 55 - — — 60 centimeters. If you want to timely adjust the height of droplight, can also choose to have the lamps and lanterns of lifting gear. Droplight is under a vertical hanging from the ceiling lamp, there are fixed type and telescoping two kinds. Fixed the height of droplight cannot be changed after the installation, but you can telescopic droplight. At ordinary times when using the lamp height adjustment to the appropriate location, light can be moved to when not in use close to the ceiling, spin the height of the room, so the telescopic droplight especially for the low housing. It is important to note that the suspension height of droplight directly affects the light range, high space appear drab, too low will cause oppressive feeling, therefore, only must guarantee the droplight in mess of apparent horizontal line. In addition, in order to avoid the food in the projection of the light shadow, droplight should be installed in the table above.
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