The overall outline of droplight round positioning

by:Rongde     2020-08-10
Contracted and fashionable is the feeling of the wrought iron chandelier. He overall outline of droplight round positioning. At the same time, the use of brown, and red to match the characteristic of the chandelier. The overall situation is very simple. However, it is very fashion, the beige wallpaper in the living room, wooden floor is also very fashion. Wrought iron chandelier, due to the contemporary and contracted style is popular with people, so the decoration of this style of people more and more. This is why create the lamp's purpose is to provide people with better visual experience. When people choose lamps and lanterns, they need to match the lamps and lanterns of overall decoration and go to regular stores to buy, or you can directly contact with appropriate he chandelier factory workers. I think it will give you satisfactory answer. Big, wrought iron chandelier installed on the structure layer, such as floor, roof and bottom chord beam, small droplight is often installed in the shelf shed or reinforcing joist, whether a single or combination of droplight droplight, were made by a complete production lamps factory, the difference is that a single pendent lamp can be installed directly, combine droplight to be installed after the combination or combination. For large area and strip lighting, we adopt derrick suspension in the form of light boxes and lighting fixtures. In the sitting room of contracted and contemporary, from the sitting room ceiling chose the contemporary and contracted style crystal lamp. Crystal droplight without too much on the base of the design and decoration, but there are a few rules around the spherical, and then the lights will be connected by a column. The shape of the whole lighting delicate and simple, reflected in the crystal. The design of droplight is very simple, because the process of crystalline light engraving without too much complicated. From the point of the whole style of the sitting room, living room furniture choice is also very simple, decorated with celebrations and elegant blue and gold, transparent crystal lamp can completely adapt to the bright and simple style.
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