The mysteries of the solder glass lamp

by:Rongde     2020-09-12
Solder glass lamp, just as its name implies is to use copper and glass as the main material, the adornment of the way by hand soldering connection chimney lamps and lanterns. Often in daily life people often call it copper soldering lamp, all copper solder lamp or soldering lamp.

solder glass lamp originated in North America, which is passed to production of Taiwan, because of its bending glass USES mostly, so the image of the industry in Taiwan is to give it a name: bound galss lamp. The meaning of bending glass lamp. Reform and opening up in the early production by Taiwanese into China, and thus gave it up a Chinese name - - - Solder glass lamp.

in order to meet the export market and the Chinese mainland market different consumption demand, solder glass lamp in bearing gong in China North America and Europe in the 19th century, on the basis of the architectural style of designers under the joint efforts of the development at home and abroad. The injected fresh blood, namely mixed style. Introduced the Persian character and style and Chinese style classical style, thus solder glass lamp will change to become the field of classical lighting joker's products. But no matter how the change, will always remain the same solder glass lamp is its line is concise and lively, and its emphasis on freedom, peace, and integrated personality. At the same time combined with human's rational thinking. Industry veteran who predicted that the future of solder glass lamp has a can derive an independent style. Such as: American soldering lamp, european-style soldering lamp, Chinese style soldering lamp, Persian, soldering lamp, etc. Each independent performance of this style of classical culture.

the current solder glass lamp modelling the pursuit of elegant, atmosphere, concise appearance modelling, material aspect is more exquisite, pay attention to embody rich connotation of the original attributes and raw materials. Skillful craftsman carved and perfect product style. Popular solder glass lamp market basically is by copper and glass as the main material, also for the sake of expression effect and cost of parts with the help of high polymer synthetic material, crystal and iron, etc.

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