The mysteries of the full copper solder lamp of copper bar

by:Rongde     2020-09-11
All copper solder light transmission part of the modelling of glass lamp shade mainly use copper bar to complete. According to the copper bar in the order of production of the whole process can be divided into four steps: cutting, roll groove, positioning, roll curve. In popular terms, copper is actually with a certain width of the copper, adopt manual make it a U shape, and then based on the size of the full copper solder glass lamp shade, the copper bar with punching machine according to the size of the glass on both sides of the u-shaped part of the incision, the glass cover. If the glass lampshade is bending, still have to manually make copper bar into a camber to cover the glass and glass. This series of actions are by artificial in the most primitive tools. But in terms of whole copper solder lamp, copper doing bad is directly related to the whole copper solder lamp products quality.

to make the finished product after all the copper solder lamp, we can through the visual way to determine copper bar work, mainly from the following several aspects to observe:
1, chimney surface smooth, flat, no blister, crinkle.
2, copper bar touch Angle Angle, especially the joint place without glass exposed.
3, without running deviation phenomenon.

, attentively complete lamp!

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