The mysteries of the full copper lamp aluminum casting parts

by:Rongde     2020-09-13
Before has compiled a 'full copper aluminum casting process of copper lamp accessories manufacturing, while striving to express clearly under the premise of colloquial, it also joined some here to illustrate. But the recent complaints from many customers and friends: on the copper lamp used in the process of making aluminum casting copper fittings or a little knowledge. In order to better show you casting copper accessories of the production process, the author the dickens of a job to find a sand casting video. Although the video mentioned is iron foundry process. To explain, just material is different, its technology is not much difference. Hope that readers can pass of this article is introduced combining with the video again, to the whole casting copper fittings of copper lamp has a more profound understanding and the understanding.

all copper lamp fittings foundry casting the whole process, as shown on the whole, casting, including: sand mixing process, molding process, melting process, pouring process, cleaning process. Sand needless to say, the modelling process: model - shape - ( Core - the core) - closed box - casting; Before furnace smelting process: smelting iron material - processing - casting; ( Modelling and smelting process in casting process) ; Casting - shakeout - cleaning - ( Rework repair) - the library! In parentheses represent dispensable, for some products.

in addition, in the whole copper lamp of copper casting foundry process, show the key has the following several aspects.

copper lamp fittings of sand mold casting is used to model core making all kinds of raw materials, such as casting sand, sand binder, and other accessories, and a mixture of the them, core sand, coating etc are collectively referred to as moulding material molding materials prepared by the nature of the task is in accordance with the requirements of the castings, metal, choose appropriate raw sand, binder and accessories, and then according to certain proportion of mixed them into certain properties of the sand and core sand. The equipment that the commonly used mixed sand grinding wheel sand mixer, counterflow sand mixer and blade groove type sand mixer. The latter is designed for chemical process and the design of mix, continuous mixing, fast.

with the progress of science and technology and the vigorous development of foundry industry, different casting methods have different mould for content. In the most widely used whole sand mold casting of copper lamp fittings as an example, the mold preparation including molding materials preparation and modelling core making two categories of work. Castings after pouring cooling mold to retrieve, gate and riser, metal burr, feng and line, also adhesion of sand mold casting casting sand, so must pass a cleaning process. For this kind of work equipment have polishing machine, shot blasting machine, poured riser cutting machine, etc. Sand mold casting sand cleaning is a process with the poor working conditions, so when choosing modelling method, should be considered as far as possible to create convenient conditions for shakeout cleaning. Some castings due to special requirements, but also by the casting post-processing, such as heat treatment, shaping, anti-rust treatment, rough machining, etc. Modelling core making is based on casting process requirements, in good modelling method, ready to materials on the basis of the shape. Casting precision and the entire production process of the economic effect, mainly depends on the procedure. In many modern foundry, core making modelling has realized mechanization and automation. Commonly used modelling sand core making equipment has high, medium and low pressure molding machine, sand slinger, flaskless shoot pressure molding machine, shoot core machine, cold and hot core box machine, etc.

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