The making process of the crystal chandelier

by:Rongde     2020-08-05
Crystal chandelier is a made of artificial crystal droplight, with gorgeous, noble features. Unique, fashion, has a high aesthetic value. Crystal is the symbol of noble, crystal lamp act the role ofing also represents the light and hope. Gorgeous lighting crystal droplight sitting room decorate household act the role ofing bright life. Crystal droplight also contains, wrought iron lamp, one made of artificial crystal droplight, with gorgeous, noble features. General modelling is unique, has a high aesthetic value. In general, natural crystal, you can see some white fine lines. Artificial crystal is actually made of sand, potash, glass crumbs and at least 25% of lead oxide mixed burn becomes. These crystal or glass was cut into small pieces and then after grinding and polishing. From the aspects of the more, the greater the ability of refraction of light the shape of grinding are: pear-shaped, pear-shaped, star, button shape, spherical, diamond, heart-shaped, octagon, conical, flower shape, trapezoidal, etc. The transparent, flashing pendant, the bead chain hanging in the chandelier rattled these little thing are not only decorative, but the reflection of lights, a good way to make public indoor bright. These crystal pendant is made from natural crystal, artificial crystal or glass can be made. Natural crystal -cutting modelling droplight, heavy lead low lead crystal crystal droplight of blow molding, blow molding chandelier crystal glass intermediate shape chandelier, crystal pendant, crystal droplight die casting strip cutting modelling droplight, crystal glass droplight, etc. Sitting room space should be large dome light and ordinary lamp, can also add some small crystal droplight used as mood, even in the home, also can enjoy the taste of romantic hotel. Different modelling also can have different effect, this effect is the embodiment of will depend, how we choose the style of the crystal chandelier. If you want to also can have the effect of decorative home during the day, that is to choose a few more good beautiful, multicolored colour can let you around more full of vitality. Crystal chandelier light refracting the shot into the home of the sun, spilled on the floor and small points of light. Such a fantastic warm night, night is also during the day, is also the night during the day. The modelling compact crystal droplight, itself is a kind of beautiful scenery. Crystal, wrought iron chandelier cleaning and maintenance, due to the often need to aerial work, must be very attention to personnel safety, work safety and security of lamps and lanterns platform. Generally only clean one to two times a year, can maintain bright as new, charismatic good effect.
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