The main points of the talk about the bedroom lighting, wrought iron chandelier manufacturer

by:Rongde     2020-08-04
Learning art, the teacher will ask before painting want to render effect, then choose the whole tonal collocation. Different color, color temperature and color gives a person different feeling, to produce different psychological effects. Therefore, in general sense, we will be the color temperature of light is divided into three categories: warm color, color, cool color in the middle. Warm color light: red component is more, can give a person a kind of warm, healthy, comfortable feeling. Mainly used in home outfit, dormitory, restaurant, hotel, restaurant, coffee shop, etc to rest, leisure and entertainment place. Middle color: the light is downy, give a person a kind of pleasant, comfortable, peaceful feeling. Mainly used in stores, specialty stores, restaurants, schools, libraries, etc. Cool colors: light close to natural light, a bright feeling, let a person can be focused, clean. Used in offices, hospitals, such as the studio needs to focus on my homework. When painting color contrast are equally important, as the visual effect of light intensity of illumination to reach the ideal, the collocation of color temperature and illuminance becomes essential. Bedroom downy light source in addition to providing is easy to sleep, the more important thing is to be with lamplight decorate to relieve the tension stress in your life during the day. Sleep mostly need the bedroom dark, however, the bedroom is dressing up in the morning, read and watch TV at night. All kinds of lighting the subtle combination provides a perfect bedroom lighting designers have a sense of balance. Bedroom lighting must meet the requirements of various: soft, relaxed, peaceful and romantic, but at the same time to satisfy dress up, dress, or need to read before sleep. Overall lighting should be neutral and relaxing, and through the use of more than one point of lighting and better implemented. Bedroom is mainly pay attention to the soft light, can not jump, but it is important to note that the bedroom is not suitable for use down lamp, wrought iron chandelier manufacturer to light the lamps and lanterns of soft can make a bedroom more comfortable, more conducive to sleep.
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