The hotel will not cover layer crystalline light

by:Rongde     2020-07-28
Different levels of the hotel crystal lamp life are not the same. Even though it is among high-grade not highlight the difference between high and low in the middle of the quality difference is very significant. Customers when buying hotel restaurant crystal droplight should first look at its colorful effect, then take a look at its plating, high metal parts see more electroplating process, this kind of plating is not easy to rub off, two years is not easy to rust, low block was not on this kind of actual effect, two or three months will lose the original color. Low block the hotel crystal droplight after a period of time, color will be darker, racks of rust, and high-end is two or three years or more are not easy to rub off in the long run.

hotel crystalline light and lamps and lanterns, but because it is made of a beautiful crystal materials, so the hotel crystal lamp looks very beautiful. Because modern people have high demands on living standards, the hotel the emergence of crystalline light meet the requirements of the people. But the hotel crystal crystal droplight surface in the hotel restaurant, of course, there will be a lot of dust, is different from the general lighting lamps and lanterns, crystal chandelier cleaning more multifarious some hotel restaurants. Today crystal chandeliers custom-made network built to teach everyone some cleaning mode.
clean water beads: wipe the pearl, there must be a piece of soft cloth in water and diluted water, wipe gently on the back of crystal beads ( Can't get beads down to avoid broken bead) 。

the light body to maintain the balance: if you want to remove all of the beads to clean, headlight in removing the bead light body balance should be paid attention to when, don't remove the side, and then remove the other side of the light body tilt, lead to the light body or frame deformation; About should remove. Wash racks parts: when wash racks, spare parts, don't touch the water very thin cloth is not stained with water, ethanol to prevent chafing electroplating process outside layer of protective film, hazard lamp surface layer of soft light effect.

this is the hotel crystal lamp will not cover layer is introduced, the hotel crystal lamp manufacturers seek zhongshan hotel lamps and lanterns of lamps factory professional manufacturers.
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