The hotel the two characteristics of crystalline light, can not be ignored

by:Rongde     2020-10-01
Hotel now with the development of the industry is getting better and better, no one is inseparable from the hotel crystal lamp, ordinary light is not suitable for hotel, can have very good effect. Professional hotel crystal lamp brightness is more bright, can have very good lighting effect, besides it also has two characteristics. On the one hand, feng shui stone, on the one hand is the appreciation value, the following specific to tell you about them. A, feng shui stone

hotel crystal lamp, another name is feng shui stone, is also have very good feng shui advantage on mental level. Feng shui is more and more people attention, a lot of People's Daily life is also put a lot of improve the feng shui of a product. And also can be in some stores, can improve the feng shui. A hotel of feng shui good nature can also be traffic full, the business is thriving, a lot of people don't agree with, think it is the feudal thought. Is not to say that all the time very accurate, specific or stream of people how to and the quality of the hotel, the service has a lot to do. But more and more things to prove that the notion of the feng shui is not imaginary, at the same time, this also will compare downy lamplight. This light is not too exciting, for eye is better, also won't hurt.

2, appreciate value and that is to say the hotel crystal lamp is has the very high appreciation value, whether the hotel crystal lamp to observe will find it is very beautiful, when not to look like. And in need of open after the light is colorful, very impressive. Some will also have logo, there will be a unique feature, amazing, this is now part of the hotel have a crystalline light.
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