The golden autumn season, with the crystal lamp open romantic time

by:Rongde     2020-07-25
Golden fruits mature in the branches, young people also like to choose in this season in hand, lights in the light of autumn released more romantic. Lights up when the night of China, the time is also gentle, you stay together everyday, zui sweet belongs to a romantic night time. A star-filled sky outside the window, indoor lighting, such as drunk. A contracted decorate a bedroom, will feel greatly different because of a beam of light. Hazy halo can bring a warm breath for the bedroom. In every corner of the bedroom, let two hearts revel in good night.

wooden space, lamplight is crowned the van, full of sense of wooden household environment. Sending out the charm of nature all the year round, plain wooden household style and rich connotation, in the warm color to move under its brightest lights, the whole wooden space. Shown is the warm feeling of space and time, in between the lines, but to give up all the worry, let the light of literature and art crowned, luxury crystal droplight, big romance in bloom at home with a dazzling crystal light. Is prevalent at home for a romantic ceremony across space and time.

metal lamp arm feels dye-in-the-wood, rigid-flexible economic, soft light through the glittering and translucent crystal like the autumn wind blowing on the west, the ripples of the lake, deducing the romantic time immemorial, this moment

zhongshan lamps factory make romantic sublimation in the light of night, let the rhythm of light and fill walls. Autumn romantic hits, the intellectual crystal lamp, a lamp light up your every corner of the home, more can let the romantic life guard you.

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