The glass dome light closed or semi-closed good?

by:Rongde     2020-09-11
Now the glass dome light is no longer the previous old styles, in order to meet customer demand, began to appear on the market for all sorts of modelling of glass dome light, a round square, and irregular shape character and so on, totally enclosed small make up today and you talk about the glass dome light and semi-closed absorb dome light.

in fact, whether it is installed in what areas, there are people like totally enclosed, also some people like semi-closed. Take home the balcony, for instance, our customers, some like totally enclosed glass dome light, feel totally enclosed sealing good, not easily into the dust, the mosquito will not let go in, reduce the cleaning trouble. And some customers like semi-closed, semi-closed glass dome light heat dissipation performance is good, lamps and lanterns is not easy to bad, long service life and change the light bulb accessories such as convenient also.

then the glass dome light is closed or semi-closed good? Actually basically is to see their own demand, according to individual be fond of or decorate a style to choose his own house. Glass dome light if you want to know more information, please call hotline:.

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