The European hotel copper lamp custom of shallow little common sense

by:Rongde     2020-09-20
Introduced to the domestic hotel copper lamp since last century, it has been over the past 20 years. After so many years of precipitation, the copper lamp custom from the form, style, design and manufacture craft already from aspects such as simplification, to form a diversified market pattern, multi-functional, more choice. Hotel copper lamp custom has more practical value than average chandeliers and artistic, therefore the hotel copper lamp custom is quite popular with many consumers of copper lamp.

and then as the hotel copper lamp custom in the market of the forehead, also makes the hotel the material of copper lamp custom work there are good and bad, and this is why a lot of consumer have feel good value but also bought fake goods, many consumers feel actually identify all copper chandelier depends on experience, copper plating generally clear bright color, brightness is higher, and the true copper color significantly different; Full copper is generally casting and polishing processes, and obvious color dark dumb, belongs to the state of semi matte, and full copper heavier weight and wall thickness. Copper plating products inside and outside color is different obviously, use alloy material or more stamping parts processing, this is its biggest difference!

hotel copper lamp custom aesthetic feeling in addition to its delicate do manual work and its luster, in order to keep your home hotel copper lamp customization can still shine in a long time before installation, please go to the hotel copper lamp custom metal parts for waxing. On the one hand can let wax filled copper capillary, prevent their formation with air convection, delay the aging of it. On the other hand can let hotel copper lamp custom looks have qualitative feeling more. 2 after installation completely copper chandelier, general advice once every two months to clean up. Please disconnect the power supply of lamps and lanterns before clean lamps and lanterns. In order to avoid unnecessary accident. Easy to fall then carefully remove the lamp shade and other accessories. Clean hotel copper dust on the surface of the lamp, can use dry cloth or dry cloth gently wipe clean, ban alcohol, water or other chemical materials clean lamps and lanterns that day. Clean up after the completion of the still give the body metal parts of the lamp on a layer of wax. Copper dust on the chimney of droplight of all available cloth wipe gently, chimney internal dirt can use cloth or eraser gently wipe clean ( Cloth lamp shade forbid water cleaning) 。 When the hotel copper lamp custom copper part seems to have showing a black or its surface with a layer of a rusty spot, like iron on the surface of the copper coating are beginning to fall off. Please don't be surprised, you can ask professional remove the lamps and lanterns, and then with water, and that day about 1000 mesh fine sand cloth for polished metal. After the completion of the dry, then coated with varnish domestic outfit.

, attentively complete lamp!
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