The droplight of droplight factory lights need to consider the household space of local goods and materials to choose from

by:Rongde     2020-08-28
The style of the lamp is absolutely important, but the amount of light. You light up a room the way will completely change the space, and have more than one source, allows you to control the atmosphere, emotions, and how you use the room. Put the light source increases, light makes it very easy to change the brightness to what you want. Droplight factory found the following three methods, integrated use of can let desk lamp, floor lamp and chandelier is changed decayed for magical! Get down to business with its own light source, it can make the person focused, concentrate on discussing the important stuff. At this point, the appropriate open all of the light source, can help to calm thinking. As relations between the two sides into chatting, smallpox on indirect light source can be shut off, leaving only a light concentration of lights, when the light is dim, around the person will involuntarily loosen up, the change of light indirectly affect the person's mood. When planning a good use of space and intensity of illumination, will start counting the number of lamps and lanterns as well as the style, for these are planned for loop again after planning and configuration. When defining the number of lamps and lanterns and circuit configuration, then it is important to the selection of lamps and lanterns, decorate the first net contracted in general, if the house is high enough, that should make the ceiling has a leading role, will suggest in the living room or the ceiling of the bedroom with a dome light, or a relatively large chandelier. Wall paint wallpaper, door cover the foot line, floor tile, ceramic tile, carpet of color matching and even dolls and souvenirs, and these form local visual center of gravity of space of bedroom of goods and materials, for light source color temperature, color reduction ability, the light-gathering power of lamps and lanterns, light spot size requirement is not the same, choose different light sources and lamps and lanterns, show the effect is almost completely different. This requires that it is necessary for us to seize the key, the reasonable use lamplight to emphasize or ignore certain elements. Cabinet lighting not only the lighting cabinet put oneself in another's position, if you can and when the footpath lights, function will be more; When all activities are to rest, can open the light, only when the main character in the space of the sitting room advocate the lamp to at this point, the heart get quiet, walkways and therefore less a lamp, can save electricity effect.
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