The droplight in the non-standard lamps and lanterns installation height

by:Rongde     2020-07-27
Many village owner feel ceiling lamp reached out to touch the whether is very short. Actually non-standard ceiling lamp is lighting lamps and lanterns of lamps and lanterns special tools, and also is an illuminative design effect, if hang is too high, decorative art but weak, because the light of the processing technology, key to show the beauty of experience closer to writes a too large; Is special effects on the other hand, hang too high, the lighting effect is not good, so the droplight should be installed at the right height. Mass
as you know, the specifications of the floor height is 2. 9 meters, if add decorate condole top and floor of wood of height to width ratio, specific ratio that can use only 2. 7 metres long. The average ratio in 1. 7 - 1. Among 8 meters, all lighting lamps and lanterns of the whole lamp + chain hoist can't do more than 1 m. Natural if is large and medium-sized combination sofa, lighting lamps and lanterns in tea table top, fully considering the lighting effect of beautiful and easy, can appropriate lower. A bit advertent, cloth art sofa, tea table, lighting lighting, TV generally in an indoor space, need not affect each other.
dining-room lamp was known as the atmosphere of the lamps and lanterns, because the family together chance is the most in the restaurant. And the stand or fall of restaurant lighting, very affect the mood of the family, including the dining mood. Usually the height of the table - in 70 90 cm, common table height is 80 cm.
if dining-room lamp above in the table, the table don't often move, the dining-room lamp 80 cm from the table, in other words, 1 from the pavement. 6 m is ok. If table as interior space must, want to often move, by fully considering lighting sometimes is not easy in the table above, so this type of restaurant lights the aspect ratio of at least 1 off the ground. More than 8 meters.
if the restaurant is equipped with fan lights, because now the dining room to install a lot of fan light, convenient and practical, but from the aesthetic point of view, not likely to do well. If the fan is light, it is recommended that at least 2 above ground. 2 meters, because the normal arm span nearly 2 meters, fan lights at least more than wingspan, and use at ordinary times should pay special attention to safety.
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