The combination of restaurant droplight a variety of forms

by:Rongde     2020-08-06
Restaurant droplight, just as its name implies: restaurant to eat light or sitting room, used to adjust the atmosphere. Restaurant if enough capacious, choose droplight background light source, deserve to go up again wall lamp as auxiliary light is ideal way of lighting. For example, the low hanging the droplight with Mosaic of light on the ceiling, in the space based on the premise of lighting, local lighting can also be carried out on the table. Dining-room lamp material, color, shape, and the decoration design style of furniture and integral space. Pure glass table, line is concise, modern style, good with glass, stainless steel chimney droplight match. Like a cover glass, embedded cylindrical color crystal droplight, by pink, pale green, light blue three color crystal makes decoration, small lamp bead hidden in the crystal, like three cups of mixed juice enchanted, hanging in the air. If feel three small droplight not enough air, that with a light plastic layer upon layer embedded in the chandelier hanging in the restaurant like snow lotus the same lasting appeal is dye-in-the-wood. Some droplight also make it rattle shape, a row of five or six string together, drum body can rotate 360 degrees, this design meets the need of any dimmer. And as the moon ship, lilies, hydrangea, inverted glass crystal shape of glass chandelier whichever you want. If it is wooden, desktop or marble table, you can choose in parchment, imitation marble or wood combined with frosted glass chandelier. Droplight is a combination of a variety of forms, single, three rows, several small lights embedded in the glass, and composed of multiple globe arrangement, different size. When choosing restaurant droplight, according to the size of the table to determine the size of the lamps and lanterns. A long table, appropriate chooses a row consisting of multiple small droplight style, and each small lights controlled by switch, so you can according to need to open the corresponding lamp light meals. If it is a folding table, then you can choose the retractable stainless steel round droplight to at any time in accordance with the need to expand the light space. The single lamp that droplight or droplight is suitable for wind chimes shape with square or round table with the table. Big droplight is installed on the structure layer, such as floor, roof and bottom chord beam, small droplight is often installed in the shelf shed or reinforcing joist, whether a single or combination of droplight droplight, by droplight factory production of form a complete set, the difference is that a single pendent lamp can be installed directly, combine droplight to be installed after the combination or combination. For large area and strip lighting, we adopt derrick suspension in the form of light boxes and lighting fixtures.
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