The collocation of whole copper solder lamp is closely related to decoration style

by:Rongde     2020-09-22
Lamp is like a room eyes, eyes bright, look natural there will be a spirit. People is changing, as demand for lighting lamp act the role ofing feast for the eyes and build atmosphere function is more and more valued. So the choice of lamps and lanterns should follow domestic outfit style, so different decoration style wants the lamps and lanterns from what respect to choose?

the following for all simple introduce you European copper solder lamp collocation principles and skills and the difference between Chinese style droplight.

mainly include the following:
1, the copper solder lamps exquisite luxuriant, luxury, and Chinese style droplight, emphasize its culture, pay attention to symmetry, founder.
2, all the copper solder lamp was inspired by the ancient people's candle lighting style, and Chinese style droplight inspiration from ancient Chinese lanterns.
3, all the copper solder lamp magnificence, mainly appear in more elegant and noble. And Chinese style droplight artistic atmosphere is strong, generally appear in the national wind heavy area of local art and culture atmosphere.
4. All copper solder lamp is more have administrative levels feeling, full of rationalism. And Chinese style droplight continuation of traditional Chinese wind, the modelling is a single, generally for the oval like lantern, old or founder of the form such as the ancient palace lantern.
5, the copper solder lamp and has its distinguishing feature each, Chinese style droplight when doing household decorates if understand its cultural history, can better improve the style of home decoration.

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