The collocation of chimney and the light source, the copper solder the light of the lamp builds a warm heart

by:Rongde     2020-09-22
All copper solder under the lamp light is attractive inside the bedroom of flirting division different modelling, colour, material. Its size for different bedroom build different feeling. Warm and romantic atmosphere.

some people prefer cold tonal, excessive use of cold light source, in household formation of serious, cool style, use cool color to move, and have waterproof function. The light lighting products can't be too dark, is not as bright as possible. If the brightness of the lights, lamps and lanterns, window or other area is much taller than the brightness of the general indoor environment, will generate an uncomfortable glare, visual function damage. So the indoor lighting must avoid or reduce the interference of glare. The light source color rendering is quite important also.

'building lighting design standard' regulation:

(1) in the bedroom and office space, require light color should be sunlight as the standard color.
2) expressed by the lighting design to serve the space atmosphere.
3. All the copper solder light color mixing superimposed to form rich artistic effect.
(4) to ensure a clear sign of the beauty of the space environment, human and object. Light color, medium color, color, background color, space, color of lamps and lanterns consideration should meet the basic requirements of aesthetics, in line with people's aesthetic habits.
5) to take advantage of the collocation of bright and dark, a combination of light and shadow to create one side will absorb the light, you need a strong light.

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