The choose and buy of all the copper solder glass lamp skills

by:Rongde     2020-09-19
Full copper solder glass lamp belongs to full copper a main light lamp. All copper solder glass lamp mainly copper bar with a glass package edge to tin article again, all the copper solder glass lamp mainly for the production process is very important, the main is all made by hand, it depends on the technology of master skill skilled and skilled experience.

first see article tin, this is the lamps and lanterns is the most important thing. Good full copper solder glass lamp electrode should be very smooth, the corner smoothing, copper joint should combine closely with glass, without some gap. Some inferior most of lamps and lanterns of solder electrode technology coarse, welding with clutter.

the combination of glass and copper bar is also careful calculation, copper bar cohesion, appropriate to the glass size appropriate, radian perfect combination. Some manufacturers in order to save costs often use the same copper mould manufacturing, due to the modelling of glass will have many different, this leads to a copper bar with glass is not perfect, affect the quality and beautiful.

on the processing of glass will also have many different, some of the glass is very thin, very big influence on the quality of lamps and lanterns. Can make all the beautiful and quality of copper solder glass lamp has a big problem.

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