The bathroom toilet lens headlight instructions correct connection method

by:Rongde     2020-09-01
Bathroom lens headlight is an important kind of lamps and lanterns is in the home, especially for female beauty, lens headlight lamps and lanterns is a kind of indispensable. Install the lens headlight, however, became a difficult problem how to wiring, want to know the answer? Then look down, please.

we commonly in decorating a house, can reserve a bathroom cabinet and the approximate location of the mirror, so reserved connection level probably can determine the location, height of words in general, if home installed the bathroom ark, then lens headlight on the bathroom ark, so the top of the mirror is probably in January. 7 m to 1. 8 meters, because the mirror has a certain height, when the reserved w bathroom lens headlight line so not more than 1. 8 m. Then there will be a total of two lines, two root is a lens headlight wire and zero line of the wire to the power supply wire, zero line connects to the power of the zero line.

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