The bar high droplight the practicability of the environment that occupy the home

by:Rongde     2020-08-16
Droplight, the bar on a mutual echo, have the effect of high space together. The display stand to increase the space on the wall to receive a function, improves the practicability of the environment that occupy the home. Restaurant used as almost every day in the home to one of the functions of, is very important for People's Daily household life, decorate a design properly, can create a good dining environment, let the family have a good appetite. Follow below small make up together to enjoy the 5 restaurant design case, and see which one is your food! Unlike common open restaurant, the restaurant in the narrow semi-closed space; Ambry takes up the background in the corner of the wall, set to receive, display and tableware washing three big functions, is very convenient and practical, the bar chandelier bright surface appearance also expanded dining-room space on the vision. Arc of woodiness metope and floor connect to form C type of space structure, smooth and neat design becomes an organic whole repeatedly let heaven and earth, space feels stronger. Connected to the wall L woodiness table with light texture, naturally integrated into the whole. Table of droplight design in the light of the bar at the same time also make the space looks more classical luxury atmosphere, and hollowed out table placed the items such as bottle design, not only highly personalized, practicability is strong. Line hale three-dimensional shiny table collocation of comfortable soft paper art eat chair, the combination of both skillfully and simple sense, to create elegant and fashionable dining environment.
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