The bar chandelier manufacturer analysis of household lighting layout point of attention

by:Rongde     2020-08-04
Dress up in the bedroom, there is a magic lamp, it not only have various styles of appearance and attractive tonal, at the same time also makes the beauty of the whole space perception, deepened the happiness that occupy the home, of course, a good appearance lighting will become the soul of a family to decorate, make fresh unripe brightness, smooth add a lot of warmth and interest, so the lamp decorate in household becomes particularly important, so household lights how ingenious layout? Just over the bar droplight below small make up together to look at it, hopes to provide some help for your decorating. Many traditional decoration with just one lamp that droplight, as the main lighting of whole house, but the light distribution are often unreasonable, there will be a lot of the shadow of the dark space. But if reluctant to replace suck chandelier on the head, then, droplight factory advice around the perimeter of the condole top, combined with the LED tube light. This way are scattered point lighting, light can be evenly distributed to advocate the lamp shines. So the two collocation, both aesthetic and illuminance let a space more fully. The use of indirect light source can avoid dazzle light point-blank light, so the design can be placed near the ceiling hidden light source, when need to read or use the computer to strengthen local lighting. Design should attach great importance to the feeling of light is aspersed into, in order to build four seasons different natural expressions that occupy the home. Apartments can add area, took home the outdoor scenery. Start from the basic problem of lighting, home lighting expression, no matter in the daytime or night can have different performance. In simple terms, is to allow natural light to do design for you, of course, if the light is bad, then find another way.
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