Tell your bathroom mirror headlights how to install?

by:Rongde     2020-09-08
Often see customers will choose lens headlight installed in the wash in the bathroom mirror, used for dressing lighting, convenient to groom. Many people would think looks very simple, in fact, in fact, is not easy to install, tell everyone bathroom lens headlight installation steps below.

1, the first lens headlight toilet hangs Taiwan in contrast on metope, use level for level test, and then draw of the punched hole, with the tag removed again hangs Taiwan, reoccupy electric drill in the tag hole punch holes, installed on the embedded parts, and then use screws to fix hangs Taiwan on the wall.

2, hangs Taiwan middle reserved the power cord connected to the bathroom lens headlight, and then use the insulating tape winding interface. ( Note to check whether the power supply is shut down again before connection) 。

3, align the screw holes of lamp body and flip chart ( The last two people together, let a person on the screw holes, for next step) 。

4, then another person with screwdriver aim the screws through the screw holes and tighten the lamp body can be fixed on the flip chart completely.

, attentively complete lamp!
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