Tell you the whole copper dome light installation techniques

by:Rongde     2020-09-21
Q: how do all copper dome light installation

1, with the sitting room to absorb dome light power into the line connecting the two threads, electric contact should be good, still wrapped in insulating tape, respectively, and keep a certain distance if possible try not to put two threads under the same metal piece, in order to avoid short circuit, produce risk.
2, higher floor or ceiling have a vibration suitable installation all copper dome light. When installed in the masonry structure to absorb dome light, should use the embedded bolt, or use the expansion screws, nylon or plastic plug fixed; Do not use wooden wedge. And the carrying capacity of the fixed piece should match with the weight of the dome light. To ensure that the dome light fixed solid, reliable, and can prolong its service life.
3, if use screw base in the whole copper dome light, its connection also note the following two points: phase line on the center of contact terminals, they can zero line up on the thread of the terminal; Lamp holder of the insulation shell should not have broken and the leakage, to prevent electric shock when replacement bulbs.
4, education children do not throw the balloon to lamps and lanterns in indoor objects, such as to avoid light hanging decorations on fall injury or damage the decorative effect of lamps and lanterns. All installed copper dome light take special note of lamps and lanterns and connection reliability, joint must be able to withstand the equivalent of dome light with four times the weight of suspension without deformation.

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