Tell you the choose and buy the copper restaurant droplight little knowledge

by:Rongde     2020-09-11
Household lives, the restaurant is a one of the an important places of our indoor activities. Three meals a day we will be done here. The lamplight decorate will directly affect the family atmosphere of the appetite of family and conversation. In terms of total copper chandelier, first ask the restaurant to decorate atmosphere must be combined with a full copper chandelier can achieve ideal effect.

the designers in the design of the whole copper chandelier, after repeated study found that the focus of family dining-room lamplight decorate often focused on the table. Based on the process features of whole copper chandelier itself at the same time, as well as its light and decorative features. Development of many whole copper chandelier is designed. To strive to meet the demands of various lighting effects of restaurant atmosphere. The whole copper chandelier hanging chandelier are available, and generally to tie in with the needs of different dining atmosphere, stylist is in design in the whole copper chandelier lamp switch can be segmented. How much the life that occupy the home, can according to the number of meals and the strength of the light meal need use best dining section switch control lighting effects.

it is worth mentioning that the copper can't install droplight is too high, as the bottom of the copper chandelier in mess all apparent horizontal line. If it is a rectangle table installed two lamp that droplight or long elliptic full copper chandelier, if it is a garden or side of the table, you can choose is all six sides or octagonal copper chandelier, can also choose to circle the whole copper chandelier. And if you don't like the copper chandelier hangs too low, you can also choose to soldering lamp in half as dining-room lamp droplight is used.

in addition, according to different dining category, we to light the demands is not the same. Such as Chinese food pay attention to color, aroma, taste and shape, often need some warm and bright; And eat western food, the light should be slightly softer, create romantic emotional appeal. So, in addition to the required restaurants main droplight requires adjustment function, we suggest the ceiling and walls of the restaurant USES the lamp, wall lamp or lamps as auxiliary lighting. Such ability can transform a variety of dining environment.

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