Tell you that all corridors aisle copper lamp skills of choose and buy

by:Rongde     2020-09-03
Well-known corridors aisle is an important part in access to family rooms, corridors aisle need strong lighting requirements. Corridor, corridor of the copper lamp should be how to choose and buy?

corridors aisle full copper lamp of choose and buy must first according to the depth and width of aisle corridor to pick, if is the wide corridor, corridor, corridor of large villa, for example, you can select a corresponding specification of the copper chandelier, and then choose some auxiliary light to ensure lighting brightness, deputy lamp can choose full copper wall lamp or the full half hanging brass, small suction cap, etc.

if it is general suite corridors aisle can choose according to the size and decorate a style to match the copper dome light and half droplight, narrow corridor can install a few more small full copper absorb dome light, avoid the aisle corridor lighting.

when choosing corridors aisle full copper lamp do remember and the overall domestic outfit style is tie-in, do not casually.
, attentively complete light!
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