Tell you hotel different space covers wall lamp skills of choose and buy

by:Rongde     2020-09-05
European wall lamp is a widely used, mainly used in the balcony, stairways and corridors aisle and bedroom, in the hotel are all common lamps and lanterns, usually do auxiliary lighting and decoration effect. Correct choose and buy skills is very important, it can help you choose the more satisfied European wall lamp. When European wall lamp of choose and buy must take into account the space, it use installed in the choose and buy of different space have different skills. Below the belt you know hotel different space covers wall lamp skills of choose and buy.

a, dining-room is installed in the hotel Europe type wall lamp, should use the appearance bright and clean the glass, plastic, or metal materials of chimney, convenient washing at any time, rather than by weaving, yarn, fabric chimney or modelling is multifarious, pendant lamp shade. Fluorescent, or incandescent light source appropriate USES yellow, light is given priority to with warm warm color.

2, european-style bedroom wall lamp, it is given priority to with downy light, warm color to move. The diffuse materials chimney wall lamp appropriate USES low surface brightness, head of a bed at the top of the wall, with a light brown cut glass wall lamp, of primitive simplicity, elegance, deep and lasting appeal.

3, bathroom bathroom Europe type wall lamp with bright downy light evenly illuminated the whole bathroom. Smaller bathroom, only need to install a lamp ceiling lamp is enough; The bathroom with larger area, can use luminous ceiling diffuse lighting or used dome light wall lamp lighting system. But beware, the wall lamp with moistureproof performance. After meet the basic functions, wall lamp through changing its unique shape, also become a kind of decoration, a decoration to the hotel of the indispensable.

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