Teach you how to maintain the whole copper dome light

by:Rongde     2020-09-21
Q: how to maintain the whole copper dome light?
1, at ordinary times should be periodically check all copper absorb dome light, if there is a wick in poor contact or loose ballasts, etc. , should be timely to installation and adjustment.
2, pay attention to the indoor temperature, often prescribed for a particular environment temperature, the temperature too high or too low will affect the service life of it, so to keep the temperature is appropriate.
3, install the copper dome light, want to consider to the roof of the home, if is the roof of the masonry structure, should use the embedded bolt, or by expansion bolt, nylon, plastic seal, such as fixed, cannot use wooden wedge. Don't too much on the lamps and lanterns hanging decorations at ordinary times, or more than carrying capacity will fall down and hurt.
4, although all copper dome light against the ceiling, but turn on the light some electromagnetic response will adsorption dust in the air. Lights will also attract mosquitoes fly into the chimney, so remember to keep a clean home environment, clean lamps and lanterns more, prevent the lights dimmed.
5, careful to avoid hard objects encountered all copper absorb dome light, otherwise easy to damage surface of lamps and lanterns, serious still can make the lamp body fracture. If you want to move the time of lamps and lanterns, keep balance, be careful not to let all copper dome light fall to one side.

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