Teach you how to identify bad all copper lamp

by:Rongde     2020-09-20
Terminal consumer market and even in the whole copper lights wholesale market, consumers often have such experience: each walked into a copper lamp sales outlets, all of them, and be passionate professionals will be run by myself all day according to the seamless copper lamp described. And for these little knowledge about the copper lamp consumers, resembles is a good or bad. In this paper, how to know the low quality of the copper lamp to do a simple introduction.

to judge the quality of the whole copper lamp quality from two sides:, nothing but one is the appearance, the second is the inner quality. The appearance of the full copper lamp quality to determine the degree of resistance to appreciate the lights. Are ordinary consumer can feel directly. Here is not as described in detail. About all the intrinsic quality of copper lamp is that consumers can't see confusing things. And this kind of intrinsic quality is directly affects the whole copper lamp life. And decide all copper lamp inner quality is the fundamental construction technology is scientific, reasonable and process standards whether can implement, etc. This is also a difficult to describe and boring stuff. In fact, for the whole copper lamp really durable, we don't need to study its process. Only need to test with the following two methods, the quality of its inherent nature has surfaced.

a: test the copper lamp surface layer surface adhesion
full copper lamp surface coating is to prevent the full copper lamp premature oxidation treatment process, it is attached to the copper on the surface of the lamp, with the passage of time, because the surface coating material itself and the air, or surface coated with copper itself is not spent, surface coating will gradually fall off. It falls off the longer, protect all copper lamp early by air oxidation, the longer it will be the quality better.

test method: first use a knife to the already processed good full copper lamp fittings surface painting 1 mm * 1 mm of small grid, depth can cut broken coating shall prevail. Then. Will be 3 m gummed paper paste in) The cut of the surface of the copper chandelier accessories all good grid, use the eraser to rub back and forth, on which the make it fully dense paste, tear at 45 degrees direction quickly, film is no falls off phenomenon. Such as visual cannot be observed clearly, can use 10 times microscope; If there is a drop metal powder and fill tape up the phenomenon; A metal coating peeling phenomenon; A foaming phenomenon. Can conclude that the copper lamp life is not long.

2: all the copper surface light fittings for dilute brine or dilute hydrochloric acid soaking test
slightly experience people will know, metal is in the air will rust, Copper rust is long verdigris) 。 The most fundamental reason is because of the metal surface and the salt in the air or the result of the reaction of acid and alkali substances. In order to prevent corrosion of metal surface and air content to react, we tend to do in copper surface a layer of coating to prevent its reaction with these substances, and these qualities will because of long time corrosion characteristics that comes in contact with air oxidation, the oxidation resistance of life only to many times stronger than the metal. Concrete strength depends on each manufacturer of surface treatment technology.
test method: ordinary tap water at room temperature to add salt or hydrochloric acid concentration of 5%, will be full of copper lamp accessories completely immersed in the solution, looking after the 12 small into copper lamp accessories phenomenon such as surface has the pitting. If you have are regarded as poor quality, normal conversely. All copper lamp accessories react in solution, the longer the quality of the whole copper lamp, the better.

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