Teach you how to correctly install droplight in a chandelier factory

by:Rongde     2020-08-16
Droplight should be in the middle is the chief introduction of the lighting lamps and lanterns shop, after people choose droplight of good quality, before installation to do is to determine the installation position, such as sitting room, dining-room, kitchen droplight is basically all is in a position in the middle of the ceiling, this room each location of the light is more uniform. But in the bedroom, because some families choose summer use of mosquito nets, and some of the bed of the bedroom in the middle of the room and location, considering the position of the bed nets and chandelier light influence on sleep, some lamps installed in the upper part of the bed in the bedroom or the middle of the bedroom is not appropriate. In addition, the pendant lamp should be installed in the masonry structure can bear the weight of droplight room on the body, do not choose as far as possible on the woodiness metope or wooden ceiling installation, lest because droplight is influenced by its own weight and falling for a long time. Install droplight many install droplight or seen the process of installation droplight citizens should be aware that when installing a chandelier, will first chandelier panel will be removed. Under normal circumstances, the chandelier panel either have a rotating card buckle or assembling is fixed, and the card buckle fixed part and assembly are glass. So, should pay attention to when open, in order to avoid the chandelier broken or cut the fingers. Droplight basic version installed on the ceiling. Because prior to a fixed, so put the ceiling on the scheduled installation position, the owner can use pencil marking on metope, first and then take away the base, then use electric drill in drilling tag position, should pay attention to the hole diameter and buried depth and bolt specifications. After, put the base back to the desired location, can be fixed. After a fixed base, can connect the power cord and the socket of droplight. Is important to note that connect the power cord and droplight of two threads, electric contact should be good, but also wrapped in electrical tape, respectively, and keep a certain distance, try not to put the two threads in the same piece of metal location, in order to avoid short circuit. After the power cord connected, the owner can try to electricity, if all goes well, turn off the power supply can be put on the mask of droplight.
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