Teach you how to choose to absorb dome light sitting room size

by:Rongde     2020-09-23
Dome light single material and single style 2000 years ago, mostly using cheap materials, light source, generally using energy-saving lamp tube and bulb, and given priority to with inductance absorb dome light. Now society, people have been pursuing quality life and today's society is a society with developed science and technology, science and technology progress, has the history of China s ancient copper as the main parts of lamps and lanterns, choose the luxuriant, changeable, grandiose absorb dome light, that is, the sitting room to absorb dome light, it is already leave Rio 2000 years ago the low dome light of a single type.

variety of modelling of sitting room absorb dome light, size can be adjusted. It can be applied to almost has the decoration of the room. Such as such as the porch, corridor, stair, balcony, hallway, bathroom and corridor, a relatively small space we can choose a few model is relatively simple and the dimension of lamps and lanterns is not too big sitting room absorb dome light, to meet the requirements of the space for lighting and decoration.

how do we choose the size of the sitting room to absorb dome light according to the area of the room.
1 - room area 3 square meters, can be used in the 25 - diameter Between 30 cm
3 - room area 5 square meters, can be used in the 30 - diameter 35 cm between the
5 - room area In the 35-10 square meters, can use diameter 45 cm between

so on can be a better choose to absorb dome light, more suitable for your own living room to absorb dome light source environmental protection all the choose and buy the sitting room at the same time, it is recommended to use energy saving warm light and LED light source.

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