Teach you how to choose the droplight of copper restaurant

by:Rongde     2020-09-21
Dining-room is the place that the family gathered together to eat, under the lights, the family around the table before dinner talking and laughing how sweet picture, at the moment, table lamps and lanterns is more to the outside, how to choose a suitable restaurant full copper chandelier has become many consumers to ignore the problem and confusion. Today I tell you how to decorate a style to choose according to the volume of space for your whole copper chandelier restaurant.

if the height of lower average room, should choose the tube light or absorb dome light background light source. If dining-room space is narrow, the table against the wall again, that you don't have to choose copper chandelier restaurant full of background light source, can use wall lamp and tube light the supplement of the lines for the need of lighting, deal with properly, is weaker than the beautification effect of droplight.

restaurant if enough capacious, choose whole copper restaurant background light, droplight and wall lamp as auxiliary light is the most ideal way of lighting. For example, the low hanging full copper restaurant droplight with Mosaic of light on the ceiling, in the space based on the premise of lighting, local lighting can also be carried out on the table.

the whole restaurant copper chandelier combination forms, single lamp, three rows, several small lights embedded in the glass, and composed of multiple globe arrangement, different size. When choosing all copper restaurant droplight, according to the size of the table to determine the size of the lamps and lanterns. A long table, appropriate chooses a row consisting of multiple small droplight style, and each small lights controlled by switch, so you can according to need to open the corresponding lamp light meals. If it is a folding table, then you can choose the retractable stainless steel round droplight to at any time in accordance with the need to expand the light space. The single lamp that droplight or droplight is suitable for wind chimes shape with square or round table with the table.

the whole restaurant copper chandelier in basic lighting at the same time, pay more attention to the emotional appeal is to create a dining, foil warmth, romantic atmosphere that occupy the home, therefore, should try to choose warm color to move, can adjust the brightness of the light source, and not in order to save electricity, blindly choose like fluorescent lamp glowing cold white light energy-saving lamps. All restaurant copper chandelier material, color, shape, and the decoration design style of furniture and integral space.

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