Teach you drawn to distinguish the glass dome light

by:Rongde     2020-09-14
Glass dome light is commonly used lamps and lanterns in the home, the glass dome light on market also is full of beautiful things in eyes, good thing. Light to see the styles of lamps and lanterns is not enough, so we in the choose and buy when the glass dome light to identify strengths and weaknesses?

a, cross-sectional area is too small, this is a big glass dome light safe hidden trouble, in the event of failure to produce large current, in front of the power supply branch insurance system action, wire was burned, which in turn causes the safety accidents such as fire or get an electric shock.

2, coarsely, in the process of assembly and use of the potential safety hazard. Such as internal room at the acute Angle or burrs, are easy to install internal wire insulation puncture, such as short circuit, electric shock hazard.

3 don't use of insulation materials, heat resistant, fireproof, heat and electric spark long-term effects are easy to deformation, burning.

4, structure design and selection of key parts is not in conformity with the requirements of protection against electric shock. This is easy to cause people to use in the installation is complete, or open the starter in light source, lamps and lanterns, easy to touch live parts.

small make up remind everyone here, be sure to polish eyes when the choose and buy glass dome light, inferior glass dome light maybe appearance looks the same, but the actual is will bring hidden trouble to our life.

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