Teach you all the characteristics of copper chandelier and installation techniques

by:Rongde     2020-09-20
Generally all copper chandelier made by bend, stele, light, cover, day FangGai, chain hoist, a mix of chimney. For the convenience of installation, the whole copper chandelier products more than 90% of the whole lamp packaging, do some full copper chandelier lamp body size is too large to use in bulk packing. When installing a full copper chandelier, we need to read the installation instructions before you begin installation.

q: how should we install the copper chandelier?

a: all the copper chandelier all tooth tube in the lock to lock in the process of loading is not loose, not too against the lock. Suggest use 16 - M10 teeth 23 kg range between force, force 23 - M12 teeth With 35 and 37 kg, between M16 teeth 58 kg. If all other copper chandelier lamp ancient for brass parts, pipe bending for resin products. Due to the resin material has the property of heat bilges cold shrink, bend in the lock, first to see if there are any more number, bend to corresponding number assembles, lamp arm lock when loading will be subject to did not tilt, otherwise easily lead to contact a burst of arms.

we want special remind is, because the electrical installation for high risk operation, please be sure to please the holder of the professional electrician to install. In addition we must call the electrician, installing a full copper chandelier, must pick up tight junction box, can't let all copper chandelier in contact with the lamp body metal lead appears, when twisting the self-contained wire must be careful not to put all copper chandelier twist off the wire.

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