Talk about Europe type droplight and Chinese style droplight each have its characteristics

by:Rongde     2020-08-22
Chandelier manufacturer is refers to the lifting of senior decorative lights on the ceiling indoors. Droplight either by wire or iron hanging, cannot too short, blocking the line of sight of normal or makes a person feel dazzling. The droplight of dining room, for example, the height of the ideal is to form a pool of light on the table, but does not obstruct the line of sight of each other at all on the table. Current chandelier hanging cigarettes has been shipped on spring or height adjuster, suitable for different height of the bottom and need. Crystal droplight is suitable for the sitting room, bedroom, dining room, corridor, hotel lobby, etc. The pattern of droplight, most commonly used with continental candlestick droplight, Chinese style droplight, crystal droplight, parchment lamp, droplight, conical cover lanterns, fashion pointed flat hood lanterns, lanterns, waist cover five fork ball droplight, yulan cover lanterns, olives, chandeliers, etc. Used in the bedroom is divided into single head droplight and bull droplight, the former more used in bedroom, dining-room the latter should be installed in the living room. The installation height of droplight, its low from the ground shall be not less than 2. 2 meters. Europe type droplight and Chinese style droplight has obvious differences in the classification of the chandelier, polarized in the decoration industry. Different, the design inspiration of Europe type droplight is inspired by the ancient people's candle lighting style, and Chinese style droplight inspiration from ancient Chinese lanterns. Second, comparing different Europe type droplight appearance modelling have administrative levels feeling, full of rationalism. And Chinese style droplight continuation of traditional Chinese wind, the modelling is a single, generally for the oval like lantern, old or founder of the form such as the ancient palace lantern. Europe type droplight exquisite luxuriant, luxury, and Chinese style droplight, emphasize its culture, pay attention to symmetry, founder. Three, the different cultural atmosphere of Europe type droplight gorgeous, mainly appear in more elegant and noble. And Chinese style droplight artistic atmosphere is strong, generally appear in national wind heavy area of local art and culture atmosphere. And do not conflict, see individual be fond of. Anyway, Europe type droplight, Chinese style droplight has its distinguishing feature each, do to decorate the designers to understand the culture and history of the industry, to make the office decoration. Big droplight is installed on the structure layer, such as floor, roof and bottom chord beam, small droplight is often installed in the shelf shed or reinforcing joist, whether a single or combination of droplight droplight, were made by a complete production lamps factory, the difference is that a single pendent lamp can be installed directly, combine droplight to be installed after the combination or combination. For large area and strip lighting, we adopt derrick suspension in the form of light boxes and lighting fixtures.
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