Take you into the story behind the whole copper lamp production

by:Rongde     2020-09-25
I am a full copper lamp sales personnel, recently organized our company sales staff to study lamps factory production process, I use the camera records the part of the process, a lamp, a beam of light, what is the originality, or the pictures is the best answer.

American lights the most fastidious bent pipe shape and line, fine line foil each other, both full of the smell of luxurious, more embodies the gentle elegant breath, bent pipe is divided into hot bending and cold bending by artificial this pull into the system, the strength, fine technology, mould, the same can't be little.

copper bar cutting: we see the shiny copper, is can't see behind the production of red tape; We saw a gloved hands, can't see is calloused palms.

the soldering process, soldering is the use of low melting point metal heating molten solder, infiltration and filling method of welding joint clearance of the metal, day after day to repeat the process, had become routine, to master the solder is meticulous work, must want to control the solder between idle, don't guarantee the chimney.

wind welding, copper is used to connect between the wind welding process is complete, with high temperature bakers have sweating copiously.

polishing, polishing workshop, after polishing of copper is also very much in the process of high temperature and polishing powder, polishing workers again and again is to make a smooth surface of lamps and lanterns with brightness.

beautiful stroke copper flower on lamps and lanterns is our aunt experienced a single stroke, lamp shade fine point a little oil to ensure the appearance and quality of lamps and lanterns.

all after acid copper lamp is all the colours of the artificial color, don't remember how many day to wipe off the lamp, only remember night aching hands

I in baidu search 'originality' on it, the result is' skillful craftsman's mind, to learning has helped me to know the originality of the factory, originality is the process of team combination is dedicated insist, is the subtleties of delicate, is the craftsman of time and effort and sweat. All copper lamp manufacturer factory, salute to originality!
, attentively complete light!
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