Solder glass lamp spinning forming technology

by:Rongde     2020-09-14
In solder glass lamp production, often use a coin to make all kinds of accessories of technology - shape - - Spinning technology. It is a traditional technology with a long history, started application areas is ceramic and then gradually developed the spinning technology of the metal. Especially in recent years, with high precision CNC spinning machine appear constantly and rapidly popularization and application, because the spinning equipment basic finalize the design, production of product appearance and rich variety, make it become indispensable in the process of solder glass lamp production molding technology.

solder glass lamp spinning process is a combination of forging, extrusion, stretching, bending, ring rolling, cross rolling and rolling technology advantages, such as do the less cutting or no cutting copper parts. Thus greatly improve the beautiful degree of the solder glass lamp fittings. At the time of making soldering lamp glass accessories, workers will brass tube billet, flat workpieces or blocking with tail by tight in the spinning machine core module ( Is the exterior of solder glass lamp fittings mold) Together, in which the main shaft drives the mandrel and billet at high speed, at the same time, the spinning wheel will from one side of blank material extrusion on the rotating mandrel, make the brass produces point continuous plastic deformation, to obtain all kinds of bus bar in the shape of a hollow body of revolution parts.

in the production of glass solder in the process of copper fittings, all the lights are double, according to the change of the thickness of the blank in the manufacturing process of spinning the spinning process is divided into ordinary spinning and power spinning. Ordinary spinning mainly change the shape of the blank, and wall thickness change is very small or not. Power spinning is mainly is to change the size of wall thickness and diameter workpiece, workpiece length will make to change accordingly. Both from a technical perspective, mainly according to the solder glass lamp fittings modelling to choose different spinning method.

in addition, to make some bigger and thicker the thickness of glass solder lamp full copper fittings, also tend to use heat treatment was carried out on the copper plate in advance. Mainly in order to avoid in the process of spinning, due to the strong pressure, tensile stress, the copper hardening is serious, heat treatment measures must be taken to soften.

solder glass lamp shape various spinning products, can be completed through spinning forming, reducing, convergent, back cover, flanging, edge, embossing and other work. So soldering copper cap lamp, lamp, such as glass, copper ball, lamp plate, and a half yuan, in particular, the back, the material such as gourd pipe were spinning technology is made and be become, The diagram below) 。

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