Solder glass lamp of the head of a bed lamp structure and common problems

by:Rongde     2020-09-13
An important role as a solder glass lamp is Europe type desk lamp, the glass is generally composed of stele, base, supporting bracket and the chimney. Europe type desk lamp is basic in principle the whole assembly, must be placed in a smooth place. Bulk of Europe type desk lamp in the assembly process must pay attention to the correct vertical rotation teeth road, adjust good Europe type desk lamp of the overall vertical direction.

Europe type desk lamp used for the first time when the easy to the following problems:

1, european-style lamp shade, and the lamp body is not a straight line. Appear this kind of circumstance is often european-style lamp bracket, we only remove the lamp shade, with tools relatively flat bracket.

2, european-style lamp dimmer switch mount after the energy-saving lamps, the thrum of some crackers. There are two reasons caused this situation. First, energy-saving lamp, lamp holder also european-style lamp socket is bad contact, electric spark is produced. Encounter this kind of situation, twisted into energy-saving lamps, turn off the power supply, using tools to Europe type desk lamp in the lamp holder shrapnel gently pick up a little, and then fitted with energy-saving lamps, so adjust until there is no sound. Second, european-style lamp dimmer switch didn't play to the largest position and lead to sound. In this situation the dimmer switch to play to the largest.

3, european-style lamp hot wire. Encounter this kind of situation is often due to high voltage or the light source power of Europe type desk lamp more than rated power. When voltage is too high, please turn off all the power in time, notify the property management or professional electrician check circuit. In light of high power is directly change the light source of high surrendered.

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