Solder glass lamp household lighting

by:Rongde     2020-09-13
Lamp as the nods eyeball pen of household decoration, but also as a satisfied people's need of the lighting products. In People's Daily life played a powerful role. As home decoration glass, one of the important role of soldering lamp in addition to satisfy people to light quality, visual health, light use requirements, etc. Also reflects its classical style of personality, we can use the exterior of glass solder lamp and lighting to regulate people's perceptions of the indoor light, also can use the changes in temperature, color rendering or conceal the role of interior design. But should pay attention to the overall coordination of interior decoration, avoid self-defeating.

1, the hall, hall, corridor, the application of solder glass lamp.
the hall, hall, corridor is a key place, the people of the past is the first impression to enter indoor place, also is one of the show the integral level of interior decoration, general hall, hall, corridor, solder glass lamp. Generally choose smaller glass solder lamp, its specifications, size, size should be matched with the sitting room. Sometimes at the door with a lamp and other light source as a supplementary lighting. Top priority should be to the lobby of the glass solder the application of light, it is often one of the iconic decoration, should be decorated gorgeously, exquisite luxury.

2, the sitting room of solder glass lamp applications.
living room has a large lounge with household, large living room is mixed cloth lamp is given priority to, reflect luxurious, elegant, in this does not make the detailed introduction, we at home sitting room lighting, for readers reference. The sitting room is the center of family activity, also is the place that receive relatives and guests, a lighting cannot careless work, wants elaborate design layout. The ideal design is: the lamp holder of solder glass lamp number and brightness are adjustable, make family style fully displayed.

general use solder glass lamp advocate the lamp lighting to cooperate on the combination of local lighting. Choose the solder glass lamp advocate the lamp, and a variety of other auxiliary lighting. Such as: wall lamp, canister light, shoot the light, and so on. In terms of the main lighting, if the sitting room storey height 3 m or so, appropriate USES mid-range luxury glass solder lamp droplight; The height in 2. Under 5 m, appropriate USES middle-grade decorative absorb dome light or don't advocate the lamp; If the height more than 3. More than 5 m of the sitting room, can choose the droplight with high grade, is a little bigger size.

with other independent lamp or floor lamp on one end of the sofa, let not direct light scattering in the sitting area, used to talk to or browse books and newspapers. Also can be in wall proper positioning of the wall lamp with chic modelling, can make the wall unripe brightness. If there are murals, cabinets, etc. , can be set to shoot the light to try to adorn invisible. Beside the television put a lamp that the light is downy desk lamp or floor lamp, or on the back of the TV set a single tiny low illumination of incandescent lamp, in order to abate hall contrast between light and shade, and conducive to protecting eyesight. The lamps and lanterns in the sitting room, its modelling, colour should be consistent with the whole sitting room layout. Lighting lighting to lively, atmosphere to be thick, feel 'at home' for the guests, such a cloth lamp is better.

3, bedroom glass solder the application of light.
bedroom main function is to rest, but not a single area of sleep, most families in the bedroom also is the place that deposit makeup and clothing, also is to have a short rest in labor. To play a variety of purposes, bedroom must be careful to lighting decoration design. Solder glass lamp modelling, the choice of the colour of the light, to give priority to in order to create an atmosphere of quiet, sweet; To create the bedroom into a romantic or attractive niche, draws on the soft and beautiful light. Lighting system with indirect or diffuse advisable. Indoor use indirect lighting, it is the color of the ceiling light, reflected light effect is good, if use small low wattage spot light, ceiling should be dark, which can build a soft romantic emotional atmosphere.
try to avoid the bed below the arrangement of the chandelier, this man was lying in bed, a light won't stimulate eyes. Best method is to install the light on the wall, and the directional installation, let the light on the paintings and on the shelves, beautiful atmosphere, also can be installed in the appropriate position translucent cover wall lamp, the upper cover mouth decorated at the center of the light into the ceiling, the lower part to diffuse light on the ground floor space, and reflect the adornment result that can be obtained. If there were other bedroom needs to have the brightness of the facilities, the lamp can be set according to need, such as closet, 'sliding door since the turn on the light, convenient to take. To show the charm of murals, available to shoot the light lighting. Dresser mirror on both sides of the wall lamp, with two small and exquisite light symmetry and no shadow, convenient dressing.
in the bedroom bed lamp is installed inside, not only provide lighting, also meet the master reading reading lamp, this will require a bedside lamp both brightness, and don't dazzle, generally USES the adjustable light lamp. When you don't 'lie read at ordinary times, intensity of illumination can be lower, light color should be soft. The lamplight of the bedroom decorate artistic, this new lamp to use device, such as animal model, root carving, flowers and birds, etc. , to produce a unique effect.

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