Sharing all the copper chandelier installation techniques

by:Rongde     2020-09-24
Material preparation:
( 1) Construction materials: there are several commonly used materials.
1) wood ( Different specifications of water, wood, water board) , aluminum alloy, Plate, profile) , steel ( Steel, flat steel, steel plate) Supported, the main component.
(2) plastic, organic glass, glass spacers, outside decoration cover and cooling plate, copper plate. Electrochemical aluminum plate as a decorative component.
3. Other parts such as screws, nails, rivets, lamps and lanterns of finished products, adhesives, etc.

( 2) Construction tools: pliers, screwdrivers, hammers, saws, electric hammer, electric curve hand according to, ruler, paint brushes, etc.

structure layer connection:

( 1) Operation method: main consideration of embedded parts and transition connection.
(1) the first structure layer embedded iron or wooden brick ( Except water brick bearing) 。 Embedding location should be accurate and should have enough room for adjustment.
(2) the transition piece is set on the iron and wood brick, so as to adjust the principle error, and can be worn with Richard nail, welding, twist.
3. Derrick, sling connected to transition fittings.
( 2) Note: installation should be paid attention to during the construction of the following three points.
1. If you have multiple full copper chandelier, when installation should pay attention to their position, length of relationship, can be installed on the ceiling at the same time Europe type droplight, so that we can based on ceiling joist, adjust the position of the lamp and high and low.
2) boom out of the ceiling must face can be used directly out of the method and the method of casing. Will add tube to install, can guarantee the top shed panel is complete, only need a tube of the location of the borehole. Directly out of the ceiling of the cup, when installation board face drilling is not easy to find. Sometimes may be used to install the boom to truncate the holes panel installation method, but affect adornment effect.
3. Boom should have a certain length of screw thread, and be ready to adjust the height. Sling derrick suspension box below, should pay attention to the reliability of the connection.

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