Set the tone, the sitting room lamps and lanterns is how to choose

by:Rongde     2020-10-02
A, living room lamp type

1, advocate the lamp,

advocate the lamp for general lighting, provide a large area of the sitting room space light, usually choose a generous bright lights or absorb dome light, chimney mouth should be up to the ceiling, lighting, reflected off the soft light makes people feel more relaxed, warm light can highlight more warm and harmonious family atmosphere.

2, auxiliary light

the sitting room should collocation a variety of other auxiliary lighting at the same time, provide the local lighting, to strengthen the administrative levels of light, emphasizes the detailed and interesting points, outstanding taste and personality, generally refers to wall lamp, shoot the light, the lamps and lanterns of small size of table lamp, floor lamp, etc.

2, the key points of sitting room lamps and lanterns of choose and buy

1, the sitting room storey height, size

the sitting room more than 20 square meters, and the height in 2. More than 7 meters, should choose a few bigger bull droplight; Low height, the area is lesser, the sitting room, should choose to absorb dome light.

2, and the size of the lamps and lanterns,

the sitting room is the main place to relax and exchange, if the space is capacious, can choose novel appearance, the droplight with luxury model lamp; The sitting room is narrow small, is more suitable to absorb dome light.

3, lamps and lanterns collocation

the sitting room is the largest leisure space, home to better lighting, floor lamp, wall lamp, tube lamp can be used local undertake collocation such as lighting.

4, lamps and lanterns of style

the styles of lamps and lanterns choosing and the home of the sitting room decorate a style is consistent, or it will not, affect the overall decoration effect.

5, light tone

according to the sitting room is tonal slant warm or cold, accordingly the main lamp and auxiliary light changes in temperature.

6, lamps and lanterns shape

the appearance of lamps and lanterns must be coordinated with the sitting room size, style, etc, try to be elegant secondly, strictly avoid costly.

3, the sitting room is the size of lamps and lanterns right

1, 10 - 15 square meters of little sitting room

- 10 15 square meters living room, because the space is not large, the size of the lamps and lanterns also shoulds not be too large, the diameter of 60 cm is enough, or choose the lamps and lanterns of too big will let whole space appear not harmonious, give a person a kind of depressive feeling.

2、15- 20 square meters living room

15 The sitting room of 20 square metre, the area is a little bit big, in order to ensure the lighting effect, can consider a larger lamps and lanterns, the lamps and lanterns of a diameter of 70 cm is a good choice.

3、20- 30 square meters living room

- 20 The sitting room of about 30 square meters, it is recommended that the 80 cm diameter size of the lamps and lanterns of choose and buy, the size of the appearance of lamps and lanterns more changeable, but also have more complicated model.

4, more than 30 square meters living room

the sitting room area of 30 square meters or more, are generally large family or a villa, in order to strengthen the lighting effects, can choose the lamps and lanterns of 1 m in diameter, shape should be more atmosphere, elegant, don't let whole space appear petty.

5, sitting room lamps and lanterns more high right

light 2 off the ground. 3 m illume effect is best, if the space in 2. 5 meters, the height of itself of lamps and lanterns is best at 20 cm, the thickness of small dome light can achieve favorable integral illume result.

4, choice of sitting room lamps and lanterns of style

1, contemporary and contracted style

the sitting room of contemporary and contracted style, the choice of lamps and lanterns is mostly to design simple, geometric shapes. Absorb dome light is more suitable for area is not very big living room, became a choice among young people.

2, Nordic ikea style

the Nordic ikea emphasizes the minimalist style, with a functional and close to nature, and more for white, grey, log color, so on the choice of lamps and lanterns had better choose white, does not need too much adornment, give priority to with concise and practical.

3, of primitive simplicity style

the decoration of Chinese style style is the choice of letters, pay attention to is practical, absorb dome light or droplight has a characteristic of primitive simplicity, high elegance not to break the doctrine of the mean and generous, give a person a kind of calm and comfortable feeling.

3, luxury european-style

the European style decoration, general of the sitting room area is larger, the sense that gives a person is very luxuriant nobility, so it's best choice modelling is exquisite, has a complicated design of crystal lamp, build give a kind of dignified and elegant feeling.
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