Select the appropriate lamps and lanterns is an important part of the family is decorated

by:Rongde     2020-08-14
Modern, wrought iron chandelier 'is really beautiful! What are they made of? 'The design is actually the color. All are welding the effect of colored glass. Basic material: colored glass. This glass is not what we see in the glass store. These colored glass by glass craftsmen design and manufacturing. According to different colors of glass raw materials, mixing with them and pressed into various art glass has a natural pattern. This is also the important raw materials for cast iron lamp factory. Some glass effect is according to the special needs of designers. The cost of is usually very high! Use of this material, authors often based on these glasses to design the shape of the lamp, pattern, etc. Bulb light output attenuation gradually along with the increase of working time, light up the lamp luminous flux relative to the light bulb in fixed time the percentage of the 100 hours after the initial luminous flux. This is called in the fixed time lumen maintenance ratio. Wrought iron chandelier national standard requirement: 2000 h of not less than 78%. Foreign advanced level: 2000 h of not less than 90%. The U. S. energy star: 40% rated life, no less than 80%. Domestic level: pay attention to quality, the coating technology of basic enterprise can reach the national standard. Select the appropriate lamps and lanterns is an important part of the family is decorated. Good lighting equipment not only can perfectly reflect the function of lighting lighting device itself, but also can reflect the beauty of interior decoration. Must be taken into account when choosing lamps and lanterns, in short, functional, decorative must also be considered. Interior decoration is need a lot of light. Different regions of the lamp type are different. From the point of large area, installed in the sitting room, dining-room, bedroom, kitchen and bathroom in the lamps and lanterns is very different, but overall, does not absorb dome light and wrought iron chandelier, the two categories.
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